Debt Recovery Services from LRC include Pre Legal collections - No Recovery, No Fee, Legal Services, Doorstep Collections, Tracing Services and Overseas Collections | Legal Recoveries debt recovery services

Debt Collection Services

At Legal Recoveries, we offer a full range of debt collection services to suit your individual requirements and provide you with the best possible chance of reclaiming the money you or your business is owed.

Our professionals specialise in pre-legal collections, legal collections, enforcement services and other offerings such as overseas collections and asset recovery.

With years of experience successfully helping our clients improve their financial standing, we are ideally placed to deal with your issue and achieve the outcome you desire.

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Debt Recovery Services from Legal Recoveries

We have the experience and expertise necessary to advise and take action on a huge variety of issues - no matter what the nature of your debt, we can help you.

Because circumstances differ from client to client, case to case, the debt collection services we have on offer also differ:

Pre-legal collections
Recovery of debts without having to issue legal proceedings
Legal collections
Litigation as a method of debt recovery
Enforcement services
Use of bailiffs and high court enforcement officers, or a variety of different legal orders for debt collection
Litigation services for other DCAs
Working alongside other debt collection agencies currently unable to offer litigation services to clients
Additional services
Including tracing services, asset recovery, overseas collections and doorstep collections
Data cleansing and enhancement
Streamlining and updating your data when we are helping you with 40 or more debt collection cases
Company credit checks and reports
Our comprehensive company and business reports give you information on a company's financial situation and business history

Outsourcing credit control

Use our outsourcing service in your credit control department. You can either bring us in earlier in the collections process when the debt is fresh or you can use us to help you out with infrequent busy periods - doing so is often cheaper than taking on a full-time employee. This also ensures that there's a seamless transition into the full collections process should that be necessary

Debt Recovery in the Education sector
Specialist debt recovery for the education sector

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