Litigation Services for Other Debt Collection Agencies

At Legal Recoveries, we offer a unique solution to other debt collection agencies that do not have the resources to undertake court action for their clients.

If you are looking for a company that can offer you litigation services, we would be happy to consider your agency as a potential partner.

To speak to us about the litigation services we have to offer your debt collection agency, call 0844 858 8999 or send us an email.

The Benefits of our DCA Litigation Services

We believe that you can only benefit from partnering with us and taking advantage of our litigation services for debt collection agencies.

Just some of these benefits include:

Enhanced service portfolio
by adding court action to your list of services you may attract new clients. You can also increase your recovery rates to existing clients without any disruption to them.
Increased profitability
all our charges can be marked up to your client and still recovered in full from their customers. You earn additional income while we do all the work!
More efficient and cost effective service
by using the CPC (Claim Production Centre)/CCBC (County Court Bulk Centre) to issue claims forms, we benefit from a cost discount and faster turnaround times.
Maintain control of your clients' cases
using our free online Debt Manager, you can keep track of all your clients' cases, including all communication, fees and monies recovered, 24/7.

Contact Legal Recoveries Today

If you think you could benefit from partnering with us and making use of our debt collection agency litigation services, speak to our team today. Call 0330 024 6342 or send us an email.

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