Litigation / Court Action

If you are unsuccessful in your attempts to recover the money you are owed by means of pre-legal collections, launching a legal debt collection strategy is the next step that should be taken.

Litigation / Court Action involves issuing legal proceedings against the customer through the Courts. A claim form will be issued requesting payment or a response. The customer (Defendant) will have 14 days within which to respond, failing which, we will then be entitled to enter Judgment on your behalf.

We conduct all legal proceedings on your behalf and provide a seamless litigation service, provided the Claim is undefended.

If you want to step up your efforts to recover your debts, speak to us about our legal collections today. Call 0330 024 6342 or send us an email.

An Intelligent Approach to Legal Collections

Court Action has helped clients reclaim their debts when no other methods have previously worked.

Our approach is simple and logical:

  1. We agree a budget with you at the outset
  2. We then tailor a strategy specific to your needs
  3. Your data is cleansed, so we start the process with the most accurate data
  4. Your cases can be segmented based on certain criteria

We manage all the legal paperwork and administration on your behalf. Our understanding of compliance requirements means your company reputation is protected.

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If you are interested in legal collections offered, get in touch by calling us on 0330 024 6342 or by email.

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