Debt Recovery Services from LRC include Pre Legal collections - No Recovery, No Fee, Legal Services, Doorstep Collections, Tracing Services and Overseas Collections | Legal Recoveries debt recovery services

Debt Recovery Specialists in the Education Sector

Do you need to look at different ways to source additional funding and support the growth of your University? If yes, LRC can help you. As one of the leading UK independent debt collection agencies, specialising in the education sector, we can help you recover any outstanding debts you may have. Our skilled debt recovery specialists tailor our services - including pre-legal collections, legal collections, enforcement services and our specialist Notice to Quit service- to your individual requirements, meaning you can make use of our expertise for all your recovery needs, or just one part of the collection lifecycle.

How you can benefit by partnering with LRC

At LRC, we believe that our expertise can provide you with the best possible chance of recovering monies that your University is owed. Here's how we can help you:

  • Understanding of types of debt, such as accommodation charges, library fines, car park fines, tuition fees and even IT services. Don't forget we can help you recover normal trade and employee debts too.
  • Understanding of student behaviour - by taking a sensitive approach we're able to build a relationship with students, increasing the chance of securing payment. We also have a mobile version of our payment site to complement student lifestyles.
  • Brand Protection: A key focus for us is the regulatory and compliance arena - by collecting in the correct manner your University name and reputation is protected and it also ensures any future relationship with your customer is protected.
  • Optimise your resources: LRC has the experience, specialist knowledge and skills to recover your debts, leaving your in house team to focus on their key roles.
  • Save time and money: we ensure the most effective use of your budget and resource. Our partnership with Claims Production Centre (CPC) secures you a discount when issuing claim forms and also guarantee issue within 48 hours. We also undertake all the administration on your behalf.

We can also offer you additional services such as Tracing and Overseas Collections which can prove invaluable to a University given the transient nature of the student population and if there is a high number of overseas students. You can also benefit from our data cleansing service, which ensures we start your collections strategy with the most up to date information - giving you the best chance of recovering your monies and optimising your collections.

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