Company Reports

Protect yourself from bad debts for just £9.99

Given today's climate it's critical that you really know who you are doing business with or are about to do business with. Each day, businesses are closing or going into administration and you don't want to be left in a vulnerable position. Research has shown that 73% of UK companies fail to carry out credit checks - a basic form of protection against bad debt and possible business failure.

Our fully comprehensive company and business reports give you information on a company's financial situation and business history that can help you make decisions and answer questions such as:

  • Should I enter a business relationship with this company?
  • Should I extend x company's credit limit?
  • Do x company have a record of paying late?

If you're considering court action against a company/business you've been working with, then a report could be invaluable. For example you can also see histories of previous court actions taken against them and what the outcome was. If you would like further advice on starting court proceedings, then please contact us.

Make sure you're always in the know.

After the initial request for a report on a particular company, you can monitor them ongoing for just £5 for each subsequent report. It may make sense to do this for your top clients that bring you the highest revenue. You can be notified of changes such as a reduction in credit limit or a change of Director.

Plus, all our comprehensive reports are sent to you in pdf format and are easy to use.

It's important to know your customers from the beginning so that you're always one step ahead. So for just £9.99, contact us today on 0844 858 8999 to request the company report of your choice. Alternatively if you need bulk reports we can offer you a discounted price.