Additional Debt Recovery Services

At Legal Recoveries, we offer a range of additional services that are aimed at improving your chances of collecting outstanding debts with the minimum of cost and hassle.

Our specialists take a professional and ethical approach to debt recovery and we make sure all of our solutions are designed around our clients' specific requirements.

To speak to our team of experts about which of our additional services are ideal for your circumstances, get in touch today by calling 0330 024 6342, or send us an email.

Our Additional Recovery Solutions

LRC’s Insight service
insight logoAn invaluable service if you are considering taking court action and want to ensure your customer has the ability to pay. For a low cost £1.50 you will obtain more insightful data on your customer's financial and personal status such as information on CCJ’s, employment status, insolvency and bankruptcies and land registry data
Tracing Services
Instead of writing off debts, we can offer you a variety of low-cost tracing services to find those customers who have absconded or simply disappeared. We can also offer you an Overseas tracing service, should you need to trace “gone away” customers who have absconded overseas.
Overseas Collections
For customers that reside abroad or move to another country, Legal Recoveries can offer pre-legal and legal solutions to help recover your monies by working with our partners worldwide.
Asset Recovery
Cost-efficient recovery of all types of assets ensuring you maintain the greatest possible return.
Doorstep Collections
Doorstep collection may be a viable option if telephone collections have been unsuccessful and legal action is not appropriate. Our doorstep collectors make a personal visit to your customer's home. They are professional, trained negotiators and adhere to a strict code of conduct.
Field Information Gathering Service
A one off visit is made to the customer’s property to gather information to make a general assessment of their circumstances. They will also attempt to confirm the customer still resides at the property. An ideal service should you be considering legal action but need to gather more information before you make the decision.
Specialist In depth PFS Visit
This is an in depth visit to the customer specifically to discuss their situation and look at ways to rectify the overdue account. They will either create a PFS or go through an existing PFS in detail. Our agent will make 3 attempts to meet with the customer.
Credit Control outsourcing
Why not use LRC's outsourcing service in your credit control department? We have the resource and expertise to help you. You can either bring us in earlier in the collections process when the debt is fresh or you can use us to help you out with infrequent busy periods (we're cheaper than a FTE!). Involving us earlier on in the process also ensures that there's a seamless transition into the full collections process should that be necessary.
Translation Services
Should you need any legal or standard documents translating, we’re able to do this for you – from any language into English and vice versa. Please contact us for more information or a quote.

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