Online Debt Manager

One of the key benefits of working with LRC is access to our award winning online Debt Manager - using real time data, our online recovery system lets you keep track of all your cases whenever it suits you, 24/7. It's easy to use, transparent and free.

Here's how you can benefit from our Debt Manager;

  • Keep track of all your cases - you can view all aspects of your cases including all written communication between us and your debtor, all court correspondence and transcripts of conversations.
  • Monitor all fees and payments incurred to date - at a glance you can see how much we've recovered, interest accrued and fees incurred to date.
  • Free access 24/7, 365 days a year - gives you complete flexibility as to when you use it - not just during office hours.
  • Download invaluable management reports - to help you with internal reporting you can download a variety of management reports or request bespoke ones.
  • Security guaranteed - our system is fully secure with the latest encryption and we give you a unique username and password.

You can also use the system to refer new cases, instruct us or contact one of our debt recovery specialists.

Click here to see a demo of our Debt Manager.